The News:Hello everyone! We have some bad news.. Winkler Comic Con for 2019 has been cancelled. We're sorry to have to do this..

The Reason:The City of Winkler is in the middle of a transition with it's event coordinators, and it just wouldn't be ready yet for 2019. Our main hero Debby is sadly leaving and we wish her all the best. Without funding/blessings from the City, it just won't happen.

However!, that doesn't mean every year is cancelled. Keep tuning in to see how things are going on the website and social platforms. We will most likely be coming back like a great sequel!

The Normal Experience
Costs 5 dollar monies (aka $5), tickets at the door, cash only!
  • Entry for just Monday
  • The usual gaming, cosplay contest, panels, merch
The VIP Experience
Costs 20 dollar monies (aka $20), tickets at the door, cash only!
  • Everything in the normal experience
  • Entry for both Sunday and Monday
  • Cool souvenir T-Shirt
  • Wanna try an escape room challenge? Free with VIP! (otherwise $5)
  • Extra gaming!
  • You can check out the goods earlier, and more! Check out the Schedule for more!

When is this exciting event happening, you ask? Why I would be glad to tell you! The amazing event is happening on Sunday, Feb 17th and Monday, Feb 18th for 2019

Where is this spectacular event being taken place? All the action is happening at the GVC Building (Garden Valley Collegiate), which is at 736 Main St.

Comic Con is a place where nerds/geeks/fans can roam amok in an outfit of choice (be it normal garb, or fictional character of choice).

It is also a place to buy fictional geeky merchandise (like comic books, figurines of action heroes and characters, shirts, etc).

Basically, it’s a place to escape the normal trudge of reality, and relax among fellow like-minded individuals.

Aside from the all-day action you’re getting at the gaming area in the Zone, Merchandise, and sprinkled timed activities (Panel Discussions, Demonstrations, the Cosplay Contest, the various Tournaments, etc);

You can always just chill around at the tables near the entrance (we set them up for the more chatty of us), and hangout with other Comic Con’ers (is that even a word?), drink some pop/coffee, have some snacks, n’ relax!

Unfortunately we gotta get the boring stuff out of the way. We’ll keep it simple though.

Harassment: If you’re coming to treat someone poorly (harassment), judge them, harm them, or make them feel uncomfortable in any way; Don’t come! Because then we gotta give you the boot. Treat everyone with respect, and we’ll all have an awesome time!

Responsibility: We won’t be held responsible or liable if you hurt yourself or lose something. But if you do lose something at Comic Con and we find it, we’ll put it at the entrance at the registration tables.. But if we/you can’t find it, we can't replace it (sorry!). That also goes with having your stuff damaged. Like your car, your phone, yourself (we definitely can’t replace you!), etc.

Vendors: Shortest section ever.. Wait for it… Don’t sell anything illegal! .. annnd no pornography (porn, pr0ns, etc, etc).

Taking pics: When taking pics of cosplayers (people that are dressed up), please ask them beforehand!

Gotta tell us something? Let us know with some feedback!

Cosplaying is an important part of Comic Con. Comic Con is a place where you can be free to dress up (cosplay) as a character from a fictional universe.

This allows geeks/nerds to roam about unjudged by other like-minded people in the building.

1st place of each category will receive both a cash prize and a trophy! 2nd place runner up will receive a cash prize.
The schedule can be found on the Schedule Page!

We appreciate the handmade costumes, and that's the focus! But you can't come in with “no” costume if you catch our drift. Make sure you cover up the privates! We don't wanna see your 'stuff'.

Besides, it's cold outside. Since there may be any age of human, young and old, be wary of said eyes.

Let's see some awesome well built costumes! There IS a costume contest after all, and you CAN win money (yeah, you read that right).

We know you'd like to come in swords, and guns blazing, but not everybody appreciates your real sword collection (they may be awesome and all..).

Make sure your props look like toys, 'cause we don't want any global wide-spread zombie panic.

Foam swords, toy guns, etc. (if it looks like a gun, make sure it's one of those toy guns with the coloured tip at the end).

You can make toy-ish weapons look awesome!

Monday, Feb 18
Start End Panel
10:00am 10:45am Intro to Table Top Role Playing, presented by Trevor Frost
11:00am 12:00pm The Journey to Full-Time Illustration, presented by Justin Currie
1:00pm 2:00pm Greg Chomichuk
2:00pm 3:00pm Intro to Cosplay
3:00pm 4:00pm Cosplay on a Budget
VIP Sunday, Feb 17
Start End Activity
6:00pm 10:00pm LEGO Display
Vendors, food, and merch
Escape Room (free with VIP!)
Monday, Feb 18
Start End Activity
9:00am 4:00pm LEGO Display
Vendors, food, and merch
Enchanted Forest Escape Room (15 minute escape for $5)
VIP Sunday, Feb 17
Start End Activity
6:00pm 6:30pm Registration for tournaments (upstairs)
6:30pm 9:30pm Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament (12 and under)
Pokemon Tournament (all ages)
Monday, Feb 18
Start End Activity
9:00am 10:30am Registration for tournaments (upstairs)
10:30am 5:00pm Yugioh Tournament (all ages)
1:00pm 5:00pm Mario Kart Tournament (all ages)
5:00pm 6:00pm Registration for evening tournaments (upstairs)
6:00pm 10:00pm MTG Tournament (all ages)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament (all ages)
Settlers of Catan Tournament (all ages)
Age of Sigmar Tournament (all ages)
Monday, Feb 18
Start End Category Note
3:30pm 4:00pm Participant Preparation Participants gather in the lobby and listen for announcements
4:00pm 4:15pm Kids 12 and under 1st place prize $50 and a trophy! 2nd place prize $25
4:15pm 4:30pm Family or Group 1st place prize $100 and a trophy! 2nd place prize $75
4:30pm 4:45pm 13+ Amateur 1st place prize $75 and a trophy! 2nd place $50
4:45pm 5:00pm 13+ Professional 1st place prize $100 and a trophy! 2nd place $75
5:00pm 5:15pm Winner Announcements Giving prize monies and trophies
Will you be hosting Panel Discussions?
For more information, see the Schedule.
How do I get tickets for comic con and how much are they?
You can pay by cash at the door!
Where is this happening?
The main venue will be Garden Valley Collegiate at 736 Main Street.
What is happening? Where do I get a schedule?
The schedule is available here. We will also have maps to help you find all of the locations and parking lots.
How do I become a vendor so that I can sell and show off my merchandise?
The deadline for vendor applications is Jan 31st. If you wish to fill out an application form, please click here.
Will you be selling souvenirs?
We will have some goods available for purchase at GVC in the main entrance.
What are the prizes for the Cosplay Contest?
They're found on the Cosplay Contest page.
Will you be hosting Panel Discussions?
For more information, see the Schedule.
How can I stay up to date and get all the latest information?
Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @wcomiccon or visit